Marketing Pros was founded by Doug and Olivia

They first met in 2020, and Olivia helped Doug build out a marketing team for his Kalium marketing agency.

By March 2022, Kalium had a ten-strong team in Cape Town, plus another 12 freelancers. With so much talent available, they decided to launch Marketing Pros to help other UK and US companies access the pool of talent in South Africa.

It all started with Amber back in December 2020. Doug was recruiting for a team member to help his UK writing team with research and briefing. Amber had recently graduated from the prestigious Red and Yellow School here in Cape Town. Amber delivered results immediately: streamlining processes, elevating standards and building client relationships.

The second hire was Rachele, recruited from the Journalism Programme at Stellenbosch University. She immediately fit into the team – adding diligence, content and attention to detail across multiple clients.

Over the next 15 months, more senior hires were recruited from Cape Town, including Director of Client Services Jane Gordon who worked previously at Ogilvy and CS Global.

Marketing Pros placed its first candidates in Q2 of 2022. They’ve now placed people in fashion startups, marketing agencies and online training companies in the UK.

It’s been a fun journey, and we can’t wait to help more companies access the world-class talent in Cape Town.