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Authority Hacker gives us a 9 out of 10...

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We’ll take it! Especially once we heard the reason behind the rating. Mark has hired three new employees through Marketing Pros in the last year.
“Super happy with not only the individuals we have hired but all of the shortlisted candidates that were provided were really a step above anything I’d seen before.”

Hear more about his experience with Marketing Pros and how we helped him find top talent from South Africa!

The Happiest Video Editor in South Africa

We caught up with Matt Miszczak to learn more about his experience with Marketing Pros, the team that recruited him for this remote video editor gig.
“An easy and transparent recruitment process? Check. A competitive salary? Check. On-time payments? Check. Remote working? Check.”
Find out why Matt would recommend Marketing Pros to his friends looking for new career opportunities.
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The Queen of Content on her experience with Marketing Pros:

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We recruited Megan Haskis, a Content Manager at Kalium (and she’s killing it, of course!)
“I really loved the openness about salary–I wasn’t left guessing which is so important for young people trying to find a job and pay their bills. Overall, it was just a really efficient process and Liv made finding my first job easier than I ever thought it would be.”

Whether you are a first-time job seeker or simply looking for a new career opportunity, Marketing Pros can make it happen!